Robert Rowen, MD • Terri Su, MD


About Us

Our philosophy is to help your body heal by getting into it what Nature mandated for optimum performance, and removing from it heavy metals and other toxins that inhibit health and healing. This requires a medical history probably unlike any you've experienced as we look for the underlying causes of your health challenges. Our medical exam includes a dental check - your dental health can be an indicator of problems elsewhere in your body. (See our discussion on YouTube).

Doctors Rowen and Su believe that there are three fundamental causes of dis-ease: malnutrition, toxins and stress. Little in conventional chemical-based medicine addresses these factors. We know from our clinical experience that diet and lifestyle changes promote optimal body biochemistry, key factors to healing and living well. 

Integrative methods that address causations can help with almost any medical challenge, and they are the proper alternative to simply suppressing symptoms with drugs. We strongly believe that healing ultimately comes from a Higher Source, but we must avail ourselves of what that Source placed in our world to assist our physical challenges.


Dr. Rowen himself strives to be a walking talking example of a healthy lifestyle. In the above photo Dr. Rowen, then aged 57, is on the John Muir Trail, 11,400 feet up in the High Sierras. He summited 14,495-foot Mt. Whitney (in the background of the photo) the following day. He completed the entire trail in September, 2011 at age 61, having trekked over 200 miles at an average elevation of 10,000 feet. On the trail and in his daily life, Dr. Rowen's diet is mostly organic and Living Foods. 

Doctors Rowen and Su have long standing memberships and trainings with well known integrative medicine organizations. Dr. Rowen lectures worldwide on integrative medicine and oxidation therapies. Both doctors do sewa (volunteer) work in their community and at a charity hospital in India.